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An Urban Trip to Tel Aviv

This trip starts off at the historic and nostalgic neighborhood of Naveh Tsedek, the first neighborhood to be established outside the walls of Jaffa, toward the end of the 19th century.
From there we’ll proceed to visit The Suzan Dallal Center, a cultural center of dance and theater, and discuss the origins of this neighborhood through the wall painting of David Tartakover.
After that, we’ll move on to our next stop – Shalom Shabazi Street. We’ll walk along the beautiful, figurative allies, to the founders’ houses, where you’ll come to know the wonderous stories of the families that lived there.
From the pastoral Shabazi street, we’ll break to the busiest, must colorful street of Tel Aviv, Rothschild Avenue.
We’ll finish our tour in the Independence Hall, formerly the house of Tel Aviv’s 1st Mayor, Meir Dezingoff. This is also the place where the State of Israel was established on Friday, the 5th of Iyar, Hatashach (aka May 14th, 1948).

I invite you to get to know the depths of Tel Aviv, Israel’s most dynamic and central city.
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The Old City of Jaffa and the Port

This trip begins at Gan Hapisga, from which you’ll see a breathtaking view of the young city of Tel Aviv alongside Jaffa, one of the oldest cities in the world today.
We’ll move on to Gesher Hamazalot (the Luck Bridge), where an old tale says that anyone standing on that bridge, holding an etching of his zodiac sign while staring at the sea, can make a wish and it will come true!
During this tour, we’ll see the beautiful St. Peter’s Catholic Church and talk about the importance of Jaffa to Christianity, through the visions of St. Peter. We’ll do that at the house of Simon the Tanner, where the original Church was supposedly built.
We’ll also visit Ran Morin’s statue “Floating Orange Tree” and look back on Jaffa’s glorious history of growing oranges.
From there we’ll go to Kikar Kdumim and the Underground Museum through Jaffa’s Zodiac Alley, and reach Jaffa’s port.
From the port we’ll head back to the magical boardwalk, overlooking the coast of Tel Aviv. We’ll reach Seraya building, the old Ottoman prison that was used by the Brits as well as the Israeli Police.
We’ll end the tour at the Jaffa Clock Tower, with a visit to the fun flea market, width it’s colorful bars, restaurants and boutique hotels.

Come discover Jaffa’s secrets with me!
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I invite you to get to know the depths of Tel Aviv, Israel’s most dynamic and central city.