Tasting Tour on the Edge of the Kinneret

Come with me on a culinary adventure, as a part of an exciting trip in the city of Tiberias. This city has a lot more to offer than just the Kinneret. It has a unique food culture, enriched by tradition and a vast family history.

On this tour, you’ll enjoy a number of sites that will leave you anticipating your next visit in the city.

Our tour will open in the Tiberias Archeological Garden, through an exquisite narrow path, we’ll reach the renewed boardwalk and, of course, the Kinneret.

Mizrachi family

Tasting time!
Our first stop comes after a short climb up a pedestrian mall, as we reach the famous Mizrachi family bakery. The rich pastries, along with the delicious olives and pickles from the deli next door, will give you a perfect introduction to the many flavors of Tiberias.

Daleli’s shop of spices and infusions

We will follow the amazing scent of herbs and spices, right into Daleli’s shop of spices and infusions. This is a remarkable, old store, established at the early 1950’s. You’ll also be able to enjoy a wide range of dried fruit, legumes, recipes and useful, wise recommendations for a better life, written by the Rambam.

Refaeli’s Fish Store

Across from this magical shop, we’ll visit Refaeli’s Fish Store. Every true Tiberian can recite all of these fish types by heart.

Anebi’s Falafel

Approaching the urban market, we’ll simply have to make a stop at Anebi’s Falafel. The Anebi family has been rooted in Tiberias for generations, well known for their legendary Falafel.

Itsik Simchon – The juice man!

By now, we’ll need to quench our thirst with Itsik Simchon – The juice man! Itsik has been making amazing, healthy fruit juices, for the past 20 years. All made with great success and a whole lotta love.

Rachamim and Son’s original Iraqi Kabab

Not too far from there, we’ll make a quick stop by one of the best Northern Kabab places up North. Shipudei Rachamim and Son’s original Iraqi Kabab will give you a flavor to remember.

Issa's Humus

Last but definitely not least, we’ll finish up with Issa – the best and most famous Humus joint in Tiberias. This establishment belongs to a Galilean Arabic family, and has been serving wonderful humus for 30 years, with a special recipe that has been kept secret all these years.

Got your taste buds going? You should come, too!

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